Monday, August 15, 2011

The Core Advantages of Herbal Health Supplements

Herbal health supplements are increasing in popularity as people are realizing more and more they have to take responsibility for their own health. Add to that the rising cost of health care and the aging population and it makes a lot of sense to take care of your own health.

Nutrition is the best weapon we have in the fight against poor health. Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and obesity can all be helped with the correct diet. However a lot of the food we eat today is less nutritious than it was 20 years ago thanks to depleted soil condition and poor handling and storage practices. As well as this there is a widespread lack of knowledge concerning nutrition among the general population.
Junk food or fast food is becoming an epidemic these days. People have less time to cook and junk food is cheap and readily available. Add to that the clever marketing these fast food manufacturers use and it's hardly surprising that many of us base our diets around these types of food. The problem is these foods are full of fat, salt and sugar and sadly lacking in nutrition. This is leading to many overweight adults and almost an entire generation of overweight kids.

This is where herbal health supplements can help. There is a wide array of supplements that can be obtained both from the drug store or from the health shop. But how would you know which to buy?

The best supplements are those made from food, not those chemically manufactured. Yes the chemical supplements are usually cheaper, but they are not as bio-available. This means they are not easily absorbed and generally end up being excreted by the body. Food based health supplements such as those sourced from herbs and other natural substances are absorbed completely and are therefore more cost effective.

You can buy supplements to simply maintain your general health or for specific conditions. For general health maintenance, you can get small doses of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants conveniently combined in just one daily tablet. For more specific conditions such as arthritis, diabetes or migraine, it may be best to consult a naturopath or herbalist who can best recommend a treatment tailor made for you.

How do herbal health supplements compare to western medications? Typical medications as prescribed by your doctor generally only target the symptoms of a disease, leaving the cause untreated. This usually leads to the complaint recurring unless your body can heal it on it's own. Natural supplements tend towards prevention, or if disease is already present, A herbal remedy to cure both the symptoms and the cause of the disease. This then ensures the condition is fully dealt with and is unlikely to recur again and again.

There is a myth out there that herbal remedies are not as effective as modern medications for curing health problems. However most diseases respond well by using herbal health supplements which are potent substances with excellent healing capabilities. Wendy Owen is a Holistic Health Therapist and owner of

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vitamins and Minerals that Promote and Stimulate Hair Growth in Men and Women

Nutrition is not just vital to your overall health, but is important to the health of your hair as well. While our bodies need a variety vitamins and minerals to support certain functions, there are specific ones that will promote healthy hair.

Check all nutritional labels before taking any supplements to determine your daily allowance. Believe it or not, it is possible to overdose on vitamins and minerals, and taking too much of these could possibly result in hair loss, or other health related issues.

Vitamin A- An antioxidant that helps maintain natural oils in the scalp. Can be found in milk, eggs, cheese, meats, spinach, broccoli, and cabbage.

Calcium - Helps hair growth. Can be found in dairy, nuts, and beans.

Vitamin C - One of nature's most powerful antioxidants. Maintains healthy hair and skin. Can be found in fruits, potatoes, and green vegetables.

Chromium - Helps regulate blood sugar levels, which affects hair loss. Can be found in beef and whole wheat bread.

Vitamin E- An antioxidant that benefits scalp circulation. Can be found in vegetable oils, nuts, beans, and green vegetables.

Copper - Strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss. Can be found in shellfish, green vegetables, eggs, beans, and chicken.

Biotin - Produces keratin, which makes up the hair, skin, and nails. Can be found in eggs, whole grains, rice, and milk.

Iodine - Prevents dry hair and hair loss. Can be found in fish, seaweed, garlic, and iodized salt.

Inositol - Promotes follicle health. Can be found in whole grains and citrus fruits.

Iron - Prevents hair loss and anemia. Can be found in eggs, fish, chicken, whole grains, green vegetables, and dried fruits.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) - Improves scalp circulation. Can be found in fish, chicken, turkey, and other meats.

Magnesium - Helps hair growth by working with calcium. Can be found in whole grains, green vegetables, nuts, and fish.

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) - Prevents hair loss. Can be found in whole grains, eggs, and certain meats.

Manganese - Improves hair growth. Can be found in whole grains, eggs, nuts, beans, fish, and chicken.

Vitamin B6 - Prevents hair loss. Can be found in whole grains, vegetables, eggs, and certain meats.

Potassium - Promotes circulation and helps hair growth. Can be found in bananas, brown rise, garlic, nuts, dried fruits, raisins, and yogurt.

Vitamin B12 - Prevents hair loss. Can be found in eggs, fish, chicken, and milk.

Selenium - Promotes scalp health. Can be found in fish, whole grains, certain meats, and broccoli.
Silica - Creates stronger hair. Can be found in seafood, rice, and green vegetables.

Sulfur - Creates stronger hair. Can be found in garlic, eggs, onions, milk, cheese, and fish.

Zinc - Prevents dry hair and oily skin by working with Vitamin A. Can be found in mushrooms, spinach, whole grains, and red meat.

By creating a natural diet that provides the above vitamins and minerals, you can help prevent hair loss and even stimulate hair growth. It is also beneficial to take a daily vitamin that provides the above ingredients.
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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Tips To Find A Legitimate Online Pharmacy

Low cost, quick delivery, confidentiality and a host of other factors have made the Internet pharmacies hugely popular among the patients. While, even a few years back patients had to line up in front of a community drugstore and get their prescriptions filled, the rise of Internet pharmacies has really been a boon. So, now patients do not need to go all the way to the nearby drugstore, no queuing up in front of them and more importantly all the medical information remains secure, confidential and inaccessible to the outsiders. Drugs can be ordered by just entering the pharmacy website and placing an order with a click of the mouse button.

Once that is done, the concerned online pharmacy delivers the drug right at the doorsteps of the patient.
While Internet pharmacies are gaining more popularity among the patients, the fact cannot be ignored that a lot of Internet based pharmacies are not up to the expected standards. The booming business of online pharmacies has given way to few illegitimate pharmacies being run by unscrupulous businessmen. The tall claims they make in their websites are enough to induce an order from the ignorant patients. The sole objective of such pharmacies is to cash in this boom and make some quick money in the process. When they escape after making good bucks, the patients are the once who are the worst affected. So while ordering a drug from an online pharmacy, the patients should make efforts to check its legitimacy. Following are some ways that will guide you to streamline a legitimate online pharmacy.

First of all, check whether the online pharmacy has proper contact details. It should have a physical location and the address should ideally be present in its website itself. Apart from that it should also have a valid contact number in the website

The pharmacy should sell prescription-based medicines in exchange of proper prescriptions only. Apart from that it should preferably be dealing in a variety of drugs.
Look for a verification seal. Legitimate Internet pharmacies have their status approved from a verification authority. The seal in support of this always forms a part of their website.

More importantly avoid pharmacies that advertise drugs aggressively which claim to cure certain incurable and serious disorders. Most online pharmacies carrying such adverts are the ones to stay away from.
Over the years the Canadian Internet pharmacies has truly been of great help for the patients and will continue to be so. However it is always better to check out the above essentials before placing an order with a Canada drug pharmacy. This will not only safeguard the patient from possible frauds but also will help the online pharmacy industry to flourish.

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Vitamins to Grow Taller

Life and growth are two sides of one coin. One needs vitamins for growth that is utmost necessary. A balanced diet is the only way for getting these vitamins, which are necessary and essential to grow. Now who would not want to grow tall and boost up one's morale?

There are supplements available in the market to substitute the vitamins lacking in our diet. For instance, Vitamin A is required very badly to promote the growth and strengthen the bones. It is also needed to maintain a healthy skin, teeth as well as its gums. Resistance against infections is something that we get from Vitamin A that can be found in carrots and other vegetables that are in green and yellow color, fruits, margarine, milk, liver and egg yolk.

B1 is also very essential and an important vitamin to grow taller. An increased energy to form and generate red blood cells is required to promote growth with a balanced concentration. This can be attained with the help of Vitamin B12.
Deficiencies are more common in vegetarian food. But they get enough protein, which is equally a must for the growth. But carbohydrate with high consistency should be avoided as it has the tendency to restrict the hormone secretion that is a must for growing tall. If carbohydrates are excessive in quantity, Vitamin F will help you out.

Snacks taken between the meals are no means of vitamin to grow taller. What one needs is Vitamin D that is essential to strengthen the bones. Supply of oxygen is a must for the body to develop resistance, which we get from Vitamin E.

As long as one sticks to the right kind of diets with vitamins to grow taller, there is no need for any substitutes. One has to promote the growth and maintain the health with ideal and rich food. Vitamin is the source for many things like life and beauty. It is the adequate nutrition that we get from the vitamins that help us grow taller naturally without any help of any artificial supplements.

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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Online Pharmacy Fraud - Tips on Protecting Yourself

There are many drugstore websites emerging on the net. These sites present themselves as reliable companies offering high quality low-priced drug. Yet, not all of these sites are really legitimate. Some are fake and are only meaning to get money from innocent online customers. To stop being a victim of these fake websites, the following are some website elements you must be aware of.

Contact information
Ensure that the site you are checking and will be purchasing from has contact information which you can actually reach for questions and complaints. Examine for the contact information page and try out the information posted or the email address provided. Also, try to send a letter on the posted snail-mail address. If there is a response from the information you input then you are assured that the website runners are real people who are ready to give service to other people. If it is not, do not by all means even try to buy or provide your account details to the site as you have no guarantee that nothing bad is going to occur to your confidential details.

Credible domain name
It is the typical mistake of the individuals to overlook the domain name and url of the site from which they wish to buy medication. The quick reply when browsing the internet is to click the website from the websites proposed by the home browser and to examine the insides of the site. Yet, it should be noted that the url can in life assist in learning whether the siteis legit and not counterfeit. The domain name should look and sound decent, short yet comprehensive. Be sure that it is not anything but random letters and numbers squeezed in the middle of www. and. com. This can give you guarantee that the site does clean business transactions and is carrying a reliable name.

How you got familiar about the website is in reality an important factor in distinguishing whether it is legitimate and not fraudulent. It's good to note that the best means to look for a reliable online drugstore is through word of mouth. Word of mouth gives you the guarantee that the website has been proven and tested by more than one person and the product was good to the point that they spoke about it to another person. But, it does not mean that if you found the site by yourself, it is automatically counterfeit. You can look at review sites for notes so you can have an assurance before ordering.

Popularity in the www
Note the length of time the website has been up and running. The duration of its presence in the internet may be used to measure the legality and the reliability of the drugstore. Surely, the longer the site has been up and serving means that customers come. The regular return and arrival of new customers point that the company gives excellent service and sells effective and safe medicines. Thus it is safe for you to choose this pharmacy and buy from their site.

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Canadian Pharmacy - Your Source of Cheap Drugs

There have been warnings from different U.S. agencies regarding the purchase of drugs from a Canadian Pharmacy. Despite these warnings, the number of Americans who buy from them are still growing in number. Some governments have been crossing the border into Canada to buy prescription drugs because costs of purchase save people a big amount of money. Since more and more people find it difficult to manage their finances due to the downward economy, they find means and ways to save money and cutting down their expenses on medications is one of the solutions they see.

Drug costs continue to rise and the Americans are projected to spend billions of dollars on prescription drugs alone according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. Since Canada's government regulates their prescription drug prices, you can expect to buy from a Canadian pharmacy at a price that is within your reach. If you buy insulin from a Canadian pharmacy, expect to save $250 annually. This is already a big savings to the family who earns a meager income.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, you can now buy cheap medicines from an online Canadian pharmacy. The good thing about purchasing from these pharmacies is that you do not have to pay for overhead charges. Generics are available to the customers and this can save you a lot of money instead of buying the branded medicines. The quality of these medicines is extensively regulated. Buying online can save you from having to make trips to the local drugstore.

Technically, it is illegal to bring import drugs into the US soil from Canada or from any other country, but the Food and Drug Administration does not seem to be disturbed about certain types of drugs being ordered online. If you are concerned that your shipment will not reach you, customs usually does not take notice of drugs being shipped just as long as they are for personal use and are considered to be not more than a 90 day supply.

How can you tell if you are purchasing quality Canada drugs? Make sure that you are purchasing from a licensed Canadian pharmacy. You may ask for the credentials of the Canadian pharmacy or see if they have a pharmacist on board. Fake Canadian pharmacies usually do not have with them an in-house pharmacist. If the pharmacy is unable to give you these relevant information, then you should look elsewhere.

Another important thing that you should remember is never attempt to buy prescription drugs online without a valid prescription. There are pharmacies that have a distant online or telephone doctor and this is something that should be avoided at all times since an invalid prescription may result in you having to pay for thousands of dollars in fines and you could even be put behind bars.

If you are looking for quality drugs that have low prices, then a Canadian pharmacy can give you a more competitive price. Just be sure that you are purchasing from a licensed pharmacy and this might save give you up to 80% savings.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Malnutrition is a medical condition that results from eating too few or too many nutrients. It is best known as the lack of adequate food supplies seen in developing countries and is the biggest killer of children in the world. However, in the United States malnutrition is becoming more common in elderly people. Malnutrition can be defined as both undernutrition and overnutrition. Undernutrition occurs when the body is lacking certain nutrients due to poor diet or malabsorption. Overnutrition is where the body is ingesting too many nutrients or there is an imbalance in nutrient levels.

Malnutrition can be caused by many factors, including lack of food, chronic illness, loss of appetite, alcoholism and lack of nutritional education. Signs and symptoms can also vary depending on the type of deficiency or toxicity. However, most who are malnourished experience symptoms such as extensive weight loss or gain, lethargy, hair and skin problems and poor wound healing. More serious types of malnutrition, such as protein-energy malnutrition and starvation, can affect the body more severely and even lead to death.

Malnutrition can take months or years to develop, and diagnosis of the underlying causes for malnutrition can be complex. Patients may be required to complete a diet journal in addition to a medical history and physical examination. Other tests, such as a complete blood count or x-rays, may be conducted. In many cases, malnutrition can be treated by replacing or restricting nutrients through the diet. In some extreme cases, physicians may recommend parenteral nutrition through an intravenous (I.V.) drip and liquid diets fortified with nutrients. Most complications of malnutrition can be reversed following treatment.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

How Much Protein Does Your Body Really Need?

At its simplest, your body has a baseline protein requirement that depends on a two main factors: lean body mass (muscle) and activity (type and amount).

The more muscle your body carries, the higher your protein requirement. Also, the more intense, the more frequent and the longer the activity you perform, the more protein you need.

Studies on protein requirements that demostrate a greater need for protein often meet with much controversy in scientific literature. It seems sometimes, for some reason, that many in the scientific and nutritional community are actually anti-protein! In fact, you may have even witnessed a similar prejudice when it comes to supplements as simple as vitamins as well!

Bottom line: if you train with weights, your body is breaking down protein and you need to provide it with extra protein to help rebuild. Though the exact amounts that different sources recommend varies widely between 0.7 grams per pound of bodyweight (140 grams for a 200 lb person) to levels as high as 2 grams per pound of bodyweight (400 grams for a 200 lb person), there is a solution...

Experiment for yourself! Start with a moderate protein intake of 0.7 grams per pound of bodyweight and see how you feel and how your results are. The next week, increase your protein intake a little, adding about 20 to 30 grams to your daily total. See if that makes a difference. The following week, add a little more protein.

You may find that you need more protein than you've been taking or you may find that you don't need as much protein as you think!

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Control your lifestyle to check your blood pressure

Lifestyle is the way you live your life. It is what you eat and drink, what activities you participate in (or don't), whether or not you smoke, and how you handle stress.
To many, healthy lifestyle changes alone can bring high blood pressure down to normal. If your blood pressure is not dangerously high, it is worth trying lifestyle changes before moving on to other treatment options, such as medications. If your lifestyle changes work, you need to continue them. You also need to have your blood pressure measured regularly, to be sure that it remains normal.
Lifestyle changes can help many people maintain a healthy blood pressure. These changes are especially important for people at special risk for getting high blood pressure. Lifestyle changes are also helpful for people whose blood pressure is made worse by heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol and diabetes.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

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